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Chakra Set

Chakra Set. Can be bought individually as well. Earrings also available as clip-ons.

Stone Details: 

Angelite (Crown) - ability to deepen attunement and heighten perception. Angelite is also a powerful stone for healers. It provides protection for the environment or the body as well.

Amethyst (Third Eye) - enhances spiritual awareness, and intuition.

Sodalite (Throat) - promotes rational thought, objectivity, and emotional balance.

Green Aventurine (Heart) - known as a heart healer and dispels negative emotions and thoughts, as well as brings emotional calm.

Yellow Tigereye (Solar) - boosts ambition and heightens intellect.

Carnelian Red Agate (Sacral) promotes fertility, creativity and boosts desire.

Red Jasper (Root) -  known to help bring problems to light and has powerful protective properties.

Chakra Set

PriceFrom $9.60

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